Monday, 17 October 2011


On Saturday and Sunday,I went to Taylor's University.It was close to a pond.I went there with my 3 cousins,Adam,Alia & Illyas.I also went with my sister,Azra ,and my father,Ikhwan.It was soooooooo much fun!You should have been there!


On ,Saturday,we went to 7 Eleven,on the way there,we saw some geese & some ducks.So we ran quickly to7 Eleven and bought some food.After that,we went straight away to the pond to see the ducks and geese .Luckily,Adam had bought some bread to feed the ducks. they went swimming happily away when their tummies were full.


On Sunday,we decided to go fishing.We made something to help us catch fish.Here are the steps on how to make one:-

1)Take a plastic water bottle and poke 1 hole on each side of the bottle

2)Fill the bottle with some rocks

3)Put a looong string into the holes that you poked earlier

4)Put the bottle in the water and you're ready to fish!

We were fishing soooooooooo long until Maghrib,I was the one to remind them to come in and pray,but I was the youngest! I had a wonnderrful day!I'm so exited I'm going next Saturday and Sunday!YIPPEEEEEEE!


  1. My dear Amna .... your weekend soooooooooooo happening! and mine toooooo :-)

  2. wow. it's a great weekend Amna!

    * I hv MUET test tomorrow. and I wish i have a good english like you :)

  3. assalamualaikum Amna,

    I've been reading your blog and you're such an awesome kid. Your parents have been blessed with a wonderful daughter like you.

    Good luck to you and may stupendous achievements be with you.

    Last but not least, I think you and your mom should watch this :)

  4. You're such a clever kid! Keep on learning and I know you have such a good family environment to start with :) Jazakillah <3

  5. barakAllahufik! u're such a great gift... =)

  6. wheres your new blogpost Amna my darling solehah daughter?