Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Last night i followed my mother to a baby shower surprise at Flora Cafe. It was a surprise for auntie Bibi.She will be having a new babyyyyyyyy!!It was a beauuuuutiful cafe'. It is decorated with flowers aaaall over the place!!There were flowers hanging from the ceiling..
Me waiting before Auntie Bibi arrived

When Auntie Bibi arrived,we all yelled SURPRISE!!!! she was soooooo surprised to see aaall her friends there! You should have seen the look on her face!

We made a game called 'Who Can Make The Most Creative Diapers Out Of Tissue Paper' And my mother WON!!! There were many more games like name the word baby from all around the world and guessing how big aunty bibi's tummy is...hehe.

We had a great time at Flora Cafe! Hope you like this picture above...

Monday, 26 September 2011


Today I had science lessons.It was about magnets.It was very boring so I  decided to make something with magnets.I made a person with a paper clip attached to the back.Then,I drew a shopping mall on a piece of paper. After that,I made a road which led to a school and a house.But I was the only one who made it. I had soooooo much fun playing with it!!!All my friends wanted a turn....

HERE IS THE PICTURE OF MY MAGNET GAME....you can try it too. Its very cheap. All you need is a paper, magnet and paperclip. Its FUN!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My first entry - PREFECT'S CAMP

Yesterday me and all prefects from Sekolah Islam Adni.I went for an exciting camp especially, JUST for prefects! COOL right? It was located at Kingfisher Campsite, quite far away in Hulu Langat We traveled by bus. On the way there our bus ran out of petrol, Just Great!

But let me tell you, We had sooooooooo much fun at the camp! I am still quite dissatisfied because only the primary 4 prefects and above got to sleep over! Ustaz said we were too young (the primary 3 prefects) :(  I can't wait to reach primary 4! Its only next year. Yipeeeeeee!

First, we went to an open space and did some exercises....but in the middle of the exercise we  had to be blindfolded !Then we were led into the forest with our eyes still blindfolded!....Beside the forest there was a steep mountain on the right and a cold river on the left .We crossed narrow bridges and finally reached the end..... The blindfolding exercise was for us to trust our leader. My group is called "The prefect's Club" and we were the first group to reach the end. yeaaaayyyyyy!

The next activity is - The treasure hunt! We had to search for clues on pieces of papers and found aaallll papers except for one because somebody threw it into the river!I was soooooo angry. However after that we got to go swimming in the river.... i didn't  like the rain which interrupted us from playing otherwise we could have been playing for one hour!

The river was icy cold..brrrrrrr! When i put my foot in, my friend pulled me into the freezing water. I fell in with a SPLASH!!! hehehe. After that we went swimming right up to the front, it was very deep in front, the water almost reached my mouth!

Thank you prefects camp, all my teachers who organized it! Being a prefect is special and i know I'm a good prefect. InsyaAllah.

Amna Nafeesa