Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Last night i followed my mother to a baby shower surprise at Flora Cafe. It was a surprise for auntie Bibi.She will be having a new babyyyyyyyy!!It was a beauuuuutiful cafe'. It is decorated with flowers aaaall over the place!!There were flowers hanging from the ceiling..
Me waiting before Auntie Bibi arrived

When Auntie Bibi arrived,we all yelled SURPRISE!!!! she was soooooo surprised to see aaall her friends there! You should have seen the look on her face!

We made a game called 'Who Can Make The Most Creative Diapers Out Of Tissue Paper' And my mother WON!!! There were many more games like name the word baby from all around the world and guessing how big aunty bibi's tummy is...hehe.

We had a great time at Flora Cafe! Hope you like this picture above...


  1. salam amna.. it is nice to be your follower sis.. :).. keep on writing dear..

  2. i see that you had fun at the baby shower =) and you look so sweet in the picture too

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  4. keep up the gud work honey...love to b your follower...wish my daughter can b like you also in the future...hugs n kisses from me..xoxo

  5. assalamualaikum Amna,

    it's a privileged for aunty Rin to be your follower - you're adorable just like your mom...:-) keep up writing here ya .... looking fwd for every entries, insyaAllah.

  6. hi amna..i'm fatih najwa from Johor. I am 6 years old. Hope we can be friend..

  7. salam, hi Amna!I like the picture and keep on writing because I will read :)